When You Don't Feel Smart Enough To Homeschool

Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's an ugly thing.

It robs us of confidence, peace, and blessings!

Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of parents decide not to homeschool because of that very reason. Their fear of failure stops them from taking that leap into one of the biggest blessings a family could experience.

It's totally understandable! The last thing we'd ever want to do is fail our children. We don't want to limit them by not helping them reach their fullest potential!

HOWEVER, what if I told you that even if you are weak in some areas, there are a lot of resources that will help you and your child succeed?

"Where there is a will, there is a way." 


Really research curricula choices for your homeschool.

Check out our 2016-2017 curricula choices.

Some programs are very parent-hands on. The parent makes the lesson plans and teaches the children. The parent is present at every moment and is involved in every study.

I have also seen programs that do. it. all! The program will assign the work, teach the lessons, and grade the quizzes. All the parent needs to do is make sure that the child does the work and answers any questions that the child has.

Old photo, but he's so cute.

I also really love the Charlotte Mason style of teaching. You all have heard me say it a million times, Charlotte Mason is AWESOME! Basically, if you can read, you can teach.

Charlotte Mason really stressed that a good education comes from QUALITY literature and living books. To find out more, check out my favorite Charlotte Mason website, Simply Charlotte Mason.


Please don't assume that I am one of those "it takes a village" parents.

I ain't.

I believe that the Lord charges parents to be responsible for a child's spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Period.

With that being said, I think it wise to consider the resources that are offered in your community to educate your child.

The Public Library is a GOLD MINE!! So many books. So many free activities. So much awesomeness. I really hope everyone's library is as amazing as ours. Definitely check out your local library to see what they have going on. Just go up to the front desk and say "Hi! We're homeschoolers and we'd like to see what activities you offer school aged children." Some libraries have programs especially for homeschoolers. Our library has oodles of after school activities. Minecraft club, Lego club, book club, crafts, yoga, story time, guest speakers...I heart our public library.

Another resource to check out would be your Local Co-ops. You can usually find a list of co-ops at your library and your county board of education.

Learning about edible and medicinal wild flowers with our co-op.
 Some co-ops only get together for activities and field trips. Other co-ops have parents teaching lessons in the subjects they are strongest in. Some meet once a week. Others meet once a month.

It's definitely worth your time to look into.

YouTube. I can't tell you how many times YouTube has helped us out.

There have been times when I was really struggling to get a concept across to my child. My teaching style was not mingling with their learning style. Enter YouTube. I typed in their grade and topic (example: 4th grade proper nouns) and up came a slew of videos of songs and lessons. With so many different videos to choose from, we found the video that helped my child understand the concept.

Remember to be really careful with YouTube. When I say you can learn anything on there, I mean you can really learn a n y t h i n g
Know what I'm saying? 
Just be close by when you're kids are searching for stuff on YouTube. It's a jungle out there.

Life skills. It sounds so elementary; a no-brainer, even. Alas, there are so many kids that leave the nest without knowing how to do anything. Teach your child some of the skills that you have. Teach them how to paint a room, how to lay tile, change a tire, clean, do laundry, and cook. Teach them how to grocery shop, balance a checkbook, and read a map. All of these things are a huge part of being an adult and is that not what we are trying to do in our homeschools? Prepare our babies for life?

Teaching the girl to can.

Kids learning about CSA farming.

Lastly, if you succeed in instilling the love of learning in your child, they will go so far. Encourage them to follow their interests. Encourage them to look things up for themselves, to adventure outside, and to read. Read. Read. Read! Not just fun, easy stuff, but books that will provoke thought and curiosity; books that use advanced vocabulary and proper grammar. Have your child look up words in a dictionary when they want to know what a word means. Hand them an encyclopedia when they ask you about a planet. Instilling the love of learning will open more doors to your child's potential than you can imagine.

When your dad's a caver, there's always an adventure around the corner.
My daughter taught herself how to crochet and has sold some of her crafts.

I hope this was helpful and I hope you feel pumped about teaching your babies. Check out my video on YouTube where I talk a little more on this subject.

Why I Call Myself "The Caver's Wife"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In a world saturated in feminism, identifying one's self as "my husband's wife" is SO taboo.

"You're setting us back a few decades, sister!" 
"You shouldn't wrap up your identity in your husband! Be your own person." 


Sorry. It's just that I rolled my eyes so hard, I hurt myself.

You would think that a culture that celebrates the woman's right to choose, a woman CHOOSING to immerse herself in God's plan for her life (i.e.,serving her family) would be encouraged.

On the contrary.

The world's lust is not indulged by the biblical family model, instead, it is pepper sprayed with conviction.

Talk about a buzz kill!

So instead of being celebrated, a woman that spends her days cleaning the home, preparing the meals, educating her children, and doting on her husband, is bullied at every turn.

I hate to be snarky, but I am so over the feminist movement. Feminism brought us the right to vote. That's great! But it also took us out of our homes, made careers priority over families, cheapened the value of human life and has skewed the idea of a woman's role in the family.

Again, I know that some will read this and spew venom.

I'm sorry--not for my beliefs, but I'm sorry that those that are enraged by the thoughts that I have shared, have been so brainwashed by a lascivious culture that things that are good, wholesome, and right bring such vehement thoughts!

My mind goes to Romans chapter 1 and 2 Timothy chapter 3.

Women have been sold a lie and they are buying it! It's heartbreaking!

Anyway, this is going longer than what I intended. I intended to write a short introduction to this video that I made pretty early on in my YouTubing, but it turned into a soapbox moment. I'm so passionate about this that I just want to pour my heart out!

So, without dragging this on more, here is the video explaining why I call myself "The Caver's Wife".


As I was writing this post, my husband was getting ready for work. 

I went to our bathroom to finish getting ready for the day while he was gathering the lunch that I made for him to take to his truck. 

Since my office space is located in our kitchen and I had the computer open with my work in progress up, my husband decided to help me spice the post up by adding, 

"I am my husband's wife and I serve him with humility and treat him like a king over my life. "

I didn't see it until several minutes after he left. I got a good laugh from it and wanted to share it with you all. 

What is Frugal Family Food?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

If you follow me on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (look over on the right hand side of the screen for the links) then you have heard of Frugal Family Food.

Frugal Family Food {FFF} is the brain child that my friend, Amanda from The Fundamental Home, and I birthed during a private Facebook conversation. We had recently started following each others YouTube channels and developed an instant friendship. We have so many things in common, and one of those things is our passion for frugality.

This is Amanda from The Fundamental Home and she is awesome. The end.
Weird. I know.

I always considered myself ultra-frugal, especially with my grocery budget and hadn't really ever met anyone that could "out frugal" me...until Amanda.

I asked my new bestie if she would be interested in doing a collab with me where we would share some of our favorite frugal meal recipes to show people how we rock our food budget. Amanda said, "Cool! How about we wrangle some other YouTubers and make it a week long party?" I'm paraphrasing, of course. ;) Since Amanda is pretty much a genius (like, for real, y'all), I quickly agreed and we set about asking some of our favorite YouTubers to join in. 

Well, spank it's butt and call it born; the life of Frugal Family Food began.

After the first week of FFF ended, Amanda and I saw that we had a good thing going. How can we possibly let it end? The response was more than we could have hoped for and we realized that there was a need for this kind of ministry:

"Helping families eat well on a budget."

There it was. 
Our purpose. Our mission.

As our mission statement began to unfold in front of us, scripture started to come to my mind.

The first one was Proverbs 31:10-31. This woman works hard, but she is also frugal. She's very wise with her family's money. Her husband doesn't have to worry about her being careless with their finances.

The next one was Titus 2:3-5. I'm not saying that Amanda and I are old (we are in our mid to late 30s) but we have both been married for a while and have learned a lot of things. We can be "teachers of good things" that will benefit other women; helping them to be "keepers at home".   

My Venison Tacos

This isn't all. There is a lot of scripture that tells us how to be wise with our money, but these are the scriptures that ring in my heart for FFF. 

No, we can't let the FFF train stop. All aboard, y'all! 

Every Friday, we invite a YouTube channel to participate in the on-going collaboration. Sometimes, when we feel particularly zany, we theme the month. Oh, yes, we do. 

Dutch Oven Three Bean Chili

For the month of September we are showcasing "Harvest:" recipes. Each collaborator is cooking up something that they harvested themselves. Here's the line up {click on the name to swing over to their channel and subscribe!}

We have expanded to Facebook and Instagram! Be sure to participate in our photo challenge! When you share your photo for the day (according to the corresponding number) hashtag the photo with #Septemberharvest. And be sure to tag us with "@frugalfamilyfood" so we won't miss it!

We hope that you follow a long with us. We really feel that God is leading this and we know that FFF can be a blessing to you as it has been to thousands of folks! We have a lot of things in the works and we can't wait to reveal them to you when the time is right.

But until then-- eat well and spend wisely.