DIY Fire Pit

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We have already established that autumn is my favorite season, right?

The cool temps, the colors of the leaves, apples, football, stews, sweaters, and pumpkin pie make me happy, happy, happy.

Autumn is also a great time of year for bonfires and cowboy cooking.

One of the best things that we ever did was build a fire pit in our backyard. And purchase a campfire cooking tripod. {affiliate link}And Lodge Dutch Oven with the lid. {affiliate link}  See my Lodge Cast Iron haul here.

Best. Thing. EVAH!

We have enjoyed random weeknight hotdog roasting over the fire pit for supper. We've also had birthday parties around it, as well as weekend visits with friends.

There has been guitar playing and singing, storytelling, bible study, and thought provoking discussions.

Like I thang. F'real.

So, how did we make it?

First, we had to decide on location. We wanted it close to the house, but not too close, so we settled on a spot about 30 feet from our back door.

Then, my dear husband measured off the size that we wanted, and removed the grass using a shovel.

We went to Lowes and purchased:

2 bags of Sand

2 bags of Pea Gravel

36 Retaining Wall Stones

 In the end, our fire pit ended up measuring 3 ft- 8 inches in diameter and 12 inches high. 

Here is the video showing how my hubby put it together: 

I hope this was helpful and that you get the chance to build your own fire pit. 

How To Make A Skirt From Jeans

Saturday, October 1, 2016
I love skirts.

Long ones, mostly. Especially ones that hit right at the ankles, but those are hard to find when you have long legs.

I also like knee length skirts.

I just like skirts.

It's difficult to find skirts that fit right.

They say when you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

Enter the DIY Denim Skirt.

I made a long one a couple of years ago, but have wanted to get a knee length skirt to wear in the summer or to pair with tights and boots in the cooler months.

My DIY skirt I made a couple of years ago is one of my favorite articles of clothing. Photo Cred: Emma Jo
 If you follow my Pinterest boards, you can see my obvious love of modest fashion. I go back and forth on whether or not to wear dresses and skirts full time. I pretty much wear them most of the time anyway. I might do a blog post talking about my thoughts on the subject, but anyway, we were talking about how to make skirts.

So, I wanted a knee length denim skirt and finally broke down and made one.

The final result. Photo Credit: Emma Jo
All you need to make a knee length denim skirt are:
To see how I made the skirt, watch this video. :) Check Pinterest for all kinds of awesome denim skirt inspiration.

October Frugal Family Food Lineup

Friday, September 30, 2016
Tomorrow is the first day of October. Can you believe it? The year is almost over and we are entering my favorite season of the year.

My husband took this photo at a nearby National Park a few years ago.

I love flannels, hoodies, scarves, leaves changing, football, the cooler temps, pumpkin everything...all the awesome things that come with fall.

Since tomorrow is October 1st, we begin a new line up and a new theme for Frugal Family Food. 

Arms Family Homestead|Pratt Family Homestead|The Fundamental Home|Jack the Caver

 We are thrilled to have these fine gentlemen on and we can't wait to see what they cook up for us. Be sure to click on the links above and sub to their channel if you haven't already.

Amanda and I are also over the moon to announce the launching of a NEW FRUGAL FAMILY Facebook group, Frugal Family Christmas! There, we will be talking about how to save money on all things Christmas; gifts, diys, decorations, parties, traveling, hosting guests, you name it!

Didn't Amanda do a great job on our banner?

Thank you guys for loving Frugal Family as much as we do. Y'all are the best!