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My Favorite Online Gardening Resources

The Wheetshire Garden- 2013
Yesterday, I shared with you some of my tips on getting started with gardening.

Today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite online gardening resources. These are blogs and vlogs that I have gone back to over and over for information.


MIGardener: Luke is a young college student in Michigan with a love for organic gardening, cooking, and food preservation. He is very interactive with his audience and is pretty quick to respond to comments and answer questions. He also does "from garden to plate" segments that I really enjoy. He is very informative on the "how to's" of gardening and seems like an all around "nice guy". You can watch his YouTube channel and follow him on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

timjturner: Tim and his family live in an urban part of North Texas. They have turned their 1/3 acre lot into a self-sufficient homestead. From grapes and peanuts to chickens and rabbits, Tim's homestead videos are both inspiring and educational. I have asked him a few questions regarding gardening and his orchard. I've received responses within 24 hours of asking. He's a southern gentlemen with a passion for what he does. I'm sure you will learn from and enjoy his videos.

Misty Prepper: Somewhere in Tennessee, Misty and her family are living the true self-sufficient lifestyle. They live in a community of like minded families. She covers all things homesteading; from gardening and canning to butchering farm animals and shooting her favorite guns. A small caveat: she does garden on a larger scale because they have a community garden where they all share the work and responsibility, but the advice that she offers can be applied to gardens of any size. I. Love. This. Channel. She cooks on a cast iron stove, people! She's very informative and interactive with her viewers. She is also on another channel called Modern Homesteaders. You can follow her on Facebook.

A Blog or Two
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Reformation Acres: This is most definitely my favorite homesteading blog. Quinn and her family just moved to Amish Country, Ohio. It's nice to get to see them establish their homestead afresh. I have gleaned so much from her blog and use it as a constant resource. She has an excellent way of explaining things, posts beautiful pictures, and takes a biblical approach in everything. She is really great about responding to questions and comments. I think you will love her as much as I do. You can also follow her on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Homestead Revival Button 2, New Vertical ButtonHomestead Revival: Amy and her family live on a beautiful homestead in California. They are actually selling it to downsize now that they are "emptying" their nest. I look forward to seeing them re-establish somewhere else. Sometimes it's nice to see how people start from the beginning with all the knowledge they have accumulated through the years. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Your county extension office: Be sure to contact your county extension office for first frost dates, information on soil testing, workshops etc. I called mine late in the spring, and they sent me a free calendar full of local gardening information and pictures from county master gardeners. It was like getting a Christmas present in the mail!

Seed {catalog} company websites: Usually, if you want to know how deep to plant a seed, how far apart your plants need to be, when to plant, etc.; you can check these websites for that kind of information if you don't have a seed packet with the info or if you want a little more information than what is already on the packet.

You can follow me on Pinterest where I am pinning gardening resources and ideas almost daily. Also, stay tuned with The Simple Life of a Caver's Wife by subscribing by email and liking my Facebook page for upcoming gardening posts. I hope this helps! If you have any questions, you can post them in the comment section.

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