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Why We Decided To Homeschool {When We Can Barely Afford It}: Part 1 Why We Decided To Homeschool {When We Can Barely Afford It}

 A Pipe Dream {Or So I Thought}

I really debated on whether or not to post this. However, I feel that this is a testimony of how my God works and I feel that this can help someone out there.

I am a momma of two sweet children.

When they were small, I kept children in my home to afford to be able to stay home with them. However, when babysitting became inconsistent and income was fluctuating so erratically, we decided that it was time for me to go back into the work force.

This is a decision that I mourned in the years to come.

Five years ago, when my daughter {the eldest of my two babies} was in the 2nd grade, I mentioned homeschooling to my hubby because I was very unhappy with a few things that my daughter was experiencing in public school:

1) My child is an advanced learner and since the teachers teach to the slowest learner in the class {not their fault!}, my child was bored and her boredom got her in trouble-- a lot. I asked her why she couldn't sit still and quietly, she said because she was already finished and there was nothing to do. Please know that her father and I corrected her behavior but the issue remained unchanged. She was bored and couldn't move on until the other students were ready.

2) There was an issue where another 2nd grader educated my child on certain adult behaviors that NO child should know at that age. This was heartbreaking. A slice of her innocence was gone.

My hubby worried about our finances, so he turned down the idea. We did depend on my income to keep the ship afloat and probably always would. Also, there was a concern that homeschooling would limit our children's opportunities.

So, that was that. Homeschooling was out of the question and off of the table forever.

Or so I thought.

*As a caveat, I would like to add that with the help of some special people, we were able to send the kiddos to a small, private Christian school for a couple of years-- something that we are very grateful for-- but they had to go back into the public school system.


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