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Why We Decided to Homeschool {When We Can Barely Afford It}: Part 3

All Things Work Together For Good...

I've been sharing with you all the reason why we decided to homeschool, but really I am sharing a testimony of how God answers prayers-- how He can make things that seem impossible, and make them possible. Here is Part 1 and Part 2

The Simple Life of a Caver's Wife

The Lord impressed upon my heart that we needed to homeschool our children. Even with all of the frustrations that we experienced with the social, political, and academic side of public school,  when it came down to the brass tax of it, the conviction was that as Christians who loved the Lord and wanted our children to be deeply rooted in the faith, we were sending them to a place that taught from the point that there is no God. 

How can we do what Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 and Proverbs 22:6 {among other scriptures}commands when for 8 hours a day they are taught that there is no God and then the few hours that we are together at home we do homework, dinner, bath, and bed? In between homework and bed time, I felt like I was deprogramming them from the influences that they were exposed to all day instead of training them in the way they should go.

Even though I knew that the Lord would take care of everything, a part of me still doubted that my husband would change his mind about homeschooling. How could I convince him that I needed to leave my job with no back up plan for an income, pull our kids from public school and educate them at home?

The simple fact was this....

I would not be able to convince him.

Only God could.

After a few months of praying for God to place the same burden on my hubby that He had me, I finally broke one night as we were settling in for bed.

I shared my heart with him, hoping that he understood this wasn't just something I wanted to do-- but it was something that we HAD to do. It really, truly wasn't about me.

Yes, I have always felt the burden to be at home with my children.

Yes, I have always had a romantic idea about educating my children at home.

But this was different.

This was a conviction that what we were doing was wrong and we needed to stop.

Thankfully, my husband listened patiently as I sobbed and told him all that I had felt. I really tried to be very matter-of-fact and logical because I know that it's easier to talk out life changing situations that way, but alas, the dam broke from carrying that burden for months.

But even through the sobbing and blubbering, he listened and replied:

"I don't feel that way at all. God hasn't let me know that we need to homeschool...but I will pray about it with an open heart."

I could breathe!

I knew that if J-dub said he would pray with an open heart, he would. And I knew that if he prayed with an open heart, God would let him know what He had let me know. I had no doubts.

But little did we both know-- it would take a medical crisis to finally get an answer. 


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