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Garden and Kitchen Update

I'm sorry that it had been a while since I've last posted. We've been very busy at the Wheetshire. 

Landscaping. Homeschooling. Baking. Babysitting. Cleaning. Redecorating. 

And now, the most anticipated weekend of the year has arrived. DERBY WEEKEND! 

Here in Kentucky, Derby weekend is rich in tradition with races, mint juleps, and big hats. But for this Georgia transplant, Derby weekend is planting weekend. 

Yay, garden season!! 

This is only the beginning. I will be going to a Mennonite greenhouse to get the rest. So excited! 

The ground has been tilled. I did a soil test using a soil test kit where you find the pH, potash, nitrogen, and phosphate levels. Mine were all low. 

Looks like I'm gonna have to give the garden lots of num-nuns if we want a good yield. We are counting on that food. We eat on it all year long and it keeps our grocery bill down. 

Speaking of frugality, I was very blessed a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of free canning jars! 65 to be exact. All I had to do was pick them up and clean them! 

Aren't they beautiful? The best I figure, this saved me around $80--give or take a few. They are all Ball and Kerr jars. A few of them I set aside because they are unique. I will use those to decorate with. 

Speaking of decorating, I've been a busy bee! Those that know me personally know how important my kitchen is. I spend most of my time there. It is my office, classroom, science lab, prayer closet, entertaining area, bakery-- you get the idea. 

When we first moved here, I was determined to have a nice, neutral kitchen. What was I thinking? There is nothing neutral about me except for my hair color (can I get a hollah from all the other 3Ns out there?) 

Anyway, I love vintage farm kitchens with a modern twist and that's what I've been striving for. 

Here are some "befores". 

Sorry for the mess. I was moving and purging before painting. The walls were a light brown. Accent colors were dark red, sage green, and mustard. All beautiful colors, but they made me feel like a visitor in my own kitchen. Not me at all! 

Homeschool area. 
Looking into the laundry room. 



I made the vintage sign. 

I made one for my baking too. :) 
This is the wall that goes from the kitchen to the laundry room. We made a mud room area for coats, muck boots, and caving gear. 
We had to replace the all-white fan because it died. I saw this fan at Lowes and had to get it. It was within our budget and fit with the look. I'm trying to find more ways to incorporate pewter into the kitchen. It's beautiful! 
The homeschool area (used a filter to cut out glare but lost color)
This was taken while organizing so it's still messy, but I was thrilled with the chevron totes. 

Well, that's all I've got for now. We have more projects lined up as time and money allow. 

:) Tangi 
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