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Feeling Like A Lady {While Being A Workhorse}

This is what I call "The Works" Contouring, concealing, eyebrows--everything!
I have a confession.

There is a little something that not a lot of you know about me.

When my hubby and I got engaged, I was actually attending cosmetology school.

That's right.

I am a Beauty School dropout.

Even though I will probably never go back to finish my training and get a license, I still enjoy the artistry in hair and makeup.

I'm not crazy-obsessed with brands, brushes, creams and powders, sprays and gels-- but I do enjoy feeling feminine.

Most of the time I wear little to no makeup, my hair is usually in my favorite TSC pink and camo cap, and my outfits usually consist of denim, t-shirts, and Nikes.

There's nothing wrong with that! I'm a worker and it isn't practical to wear cute clothes and be all painted up when I'm in the dirt with sweat dripping down my face.

What I look like most of the time
 My friend, Julianne {Dirtpatcheaven}, calls girls like us "Useful". I like that. I would definitely consider myself useful. Useful. Not afraid of getting dirty. Getting the job done. Useful.

Speaking of Julianne, she also likes makeup and hair stuff. She even has a separate YouTube channel devoted to the subject called NaturalHappy. You should check her out.

Anyway, I've kind of being toying around with the idea of doing some makeup tutorials on my channel.
It may not go over well, but I won't know until I try.

I digress.

My point in all of this is that it's important to me to still feel like a lady. Even though I'm strong, I like to feel soft. Even though I dress for hard work, I still want to feel feminine.

If you check out my Pinterest boards, you'll see a weird combo of homesteading, gardening, manure, modest fashion and beauty stuff {among other things}.

It's okay to feel like a lady and still be "useful". Some people seem to think that you can't be both. I disagree.

Are you like me? Are you low maintenance all the time? Are you high maintenance all the time? Or are you a little of both some of the time?

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