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My Norwex {Just Add Water} Haul!

My Norwex "Just Add Water" Haul. I can clean my WHOLE HOUSE with just water!!

It's finally here! It felt like a lifetime to get my Just Add Water Package from Norwex, but it's finally here.

You guys know that I am a pseudo-crunchy mama. I like things as natural as possible, and that includes my house!

We have all heard about what the chemicals in conventional household cleaners can do, but sometimes it takes a hit close to home for those things to sink in.

When Jack and I got married, I moved almost 400 miles away from my family. Thankfully, there were people in my new hometown that were ready to love me and make me a part of their family. One of those people I lovingly refer to as Aunt Nito.

A couple of years ago, Aunt Nito had a stroke. The Lord was with her and she pulled through. During all of the testing that she had, she learned some detrimental facts that she was quick to share with me.

You see, during one of her tests, the doctors found that she had neurological damage--the kind that's found in folks exposed to a chemical spill. After interviewing her for the cause of this, it was determined that her years of being a professional housekeeper exposed her to enough chemicals that she now has permanent neurological damage. That is some scary stuff! She didn't use commercial grade cleaners, just your everyday household stuff that most all of use on a daily basis.

This information had a great impact on me because, 1} I love Aunt Nito! and 2} I was also a professional housekeeper.

I had already started using homemade cleaners in my own home to cut down on the chemicals {and the money}. The frustrating part is that every time I would use my cleaners, my family would complain about the smell of vinegar. Even using essential oils in the cleaner didn't keep them from dramatically exclaiming how the smell was going to make them vomit or was giving them a headache. *eye roll* To be honest, I didn't love the smell either, but I got used to it and it was better than using chemicals.

I am so thankful that I was introduced to Norwex. I can clean and disinfect my home with JUST WATER!! Really. From top to bottom. The cloths clean, scrub, dust, and disinfect; essentially, the cloths replace all of the surface cleaners that we use! They're fun to use {because it's AMAZING what they clean and how well they clean} so my house is as clean as a museum. HA! I also love that it saves me money over time. There's an initial investment, but since I'm replacing consumable products with non-consumable products that, with proper use and care, will last for many years, I am saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. I don't have to worry about the air quality in my house after cleaning (we're allergy sufferers here),  AND my kids can help me clean with no worries. Woohoo!!

I love it so much I became a consultant. I had my first party and used my commission check to invest in the Just Add Water package. IT'S SO COOL!! Here are the items that come in it {click the caption to read more about the products}.

Click here to see the Just Add Water Package

If you want to see how truly excited I am about this stuff, here's my unboxing video! Enjoy. :)


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