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Our 2016-2017 Homeschool Curricula

It is that time of year again and I think I am more excited about this year than I was in years past. Sounds crazy...I know.

Our homeschool curricula choices are a little bit different because I won't be doing as much teaching as I have before.

This is a huge help for this work-at-home mama!


For the most important subject of our day, we are doing whatever I think we need at the time. We started the school year reading and discussing the book of Daniel. After our daily reading, I would have the kiddos either draw or write a few sentences in their journal to document what stood out to them the most.

After we finished that, I found 31 Days of Drawing Through The Bible from Susan Evans. The kids like it because they love to draw and create scrapbook style journals. It's a good review on the bible stories that they have learned growing up. I think after we finish this series, we will do something a little more thought provoking.


You guys know that I love the Charlotte Mason approach to learning. We are a reading family and I love that by following this style, my children read good QUALITY literature that teaches them the correct forms of language and is so engaging they don't even realize that they are learning!

The books that I select for the children's reading are listed on the free curriculum guide from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Fifth Grade 

Parker is starting the year reading through C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia   {affiliate link}. He is starting with The Magician's Nephew. To go along with his reading, I found these resources to make Parker a lapbook .

Ninth Grade

Emily is experiencing the magic that is J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. {affiliate link} She has loved reading The Hobbit and tends to read a little longer than she has to during reading time. I love it! I also found these chapter questions for her to answer as she finishes each chapter.

Math & Language Arts


After taking their loooong placement test, we've finally settled on the curriculum and levels for the children's math and language arts. Both of the kiddos are going to be using Switched On School House. It's a Christian curriculum that teaches the subjects and assigns the work. It's all done on the computer. I will be nearby to answer any questions they have, but other than that, it takes a huge burden off of my shoulders. I'm really excited about giving this a go this year!

US Geography

We are loving US Geography! We are using Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She has put together activity sheets, recipes, websites to visit, songs to learn, and animals to classify. Even my ninth grader is enjoying it!



Fifth Grade

Currently, Parker is working Earth Science from Easy Peasy, but we've decided to use the Science program that came in the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum.

Ninth Grade

Emily has been showing a lot of interest in Marine Biology lately and I decided that Biology would be a good subject for her to study this year. Might as well strike while the iron is hot, right? I love how the Apologia {affiliate link} curriculum teaches apologetics. It's a fantastic approach to building a solid Christian education.

Foreign Language 


I've always heard that the best way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in a conversational form. My mom, who minored in Spanish in college, found this Spanish curriculum, Excelerate Spanish, and thought that it would be a great way for us to learn to the language. It's been a lot of fun so far. You learn a dialogue for a certain situation {i.e., waiting for a bus}. You then learn hand motions to go with phrases so you are engaging multiple parts of your brain. The program comes with a DVD, workbook, and teacher's guide.

For art, music and other electives, we will just do what we feel like when we feel like it.We take a more student interest led approach in those subjects.

That wraps up our curricula choices for this school year. Here is my video talking about it as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!


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