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Why I Call Myself "The Caver's Wife"

In a world saturated in feminism, identifying one's self as "my husband's wife" is SO taboo.

"You're setting us back a few decades, sister!" 
"You shouldn't wrap up your identity in your husband! Be your own person." 


Sorry. It's just that I rolled my eyes so hard, I hurt myself.

You would think that a culture that celebrates the woman's right to choose, a woman CHOOSING to immerse herself in God's plan for her life (i.e.,serving her family) would be encouraged.

On the contrary.

The world's lust is not indulged by the biblical family model, instead, it is pepper sprayed with conviction.

Talk about a buzz kill!

So instead of being celebrated, a woman that spends her days cleaning the home, preparing the meals, educating her children, and doting on her husband, is bullied at every turn.

I hate to be snarky, but I am so over the feminist movement. Feminism brought us the right to vote. That's great! But it also took us out of our homes, made careers priority over families, cheapened the value of human life and has skewed the idea of a woman's role in the family.

Taken on our 18th Anniversary. I love us.

Again, I know that some will read this and spew venom.

I'm sorry--not for my beliefs, but I'm sorry that those that are enraged by the thoughts that I have shared, have been so brainwashed by a lascivious culture that things that are good, wholesome, and right bring such vehement thoughts!

My mind goes to Romans chapter 1 and 2 Timothy chapter 3.

Women have been sold a lie and they are buying it! It's heartbreaking!

Anyway, this is going longer than what I intended. I intended to write a short introduction to this video that I made pretty early on in my YouTubing, but it turned into a soapbox moment. I'm so passionate about this that I just want to pour my heart out!

So, without dragging this on more, here is the video explaining why I call myself "The Caver's Wife".


As I was writing this post, my husband was getting ready for work. 

I went to our bathroom to finish getting ready for the day while he was gathering the lunch that I made for him to take to his truck. 

Since my office space is located in our kitchen and I had the computer open with my work in progress up, my husband decided to help me spice the post up by adding, 

"I am my husband's wife and I serve him with humility and treat him like a king over my life. "

I didn't see it until several minutes after he left. I got a good laugh from it and wanted to share it with you all. 

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