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The Homestead Wife's Skill of the Month Club with Esther Emery


I got skills, but who couldn't use more skills-- or fine tune the ones that they already have?

Esther Emery is someone that I have looked up to for a couple of years. It all started when I stumbled upon her family's YouTube channel, Fouch-O-Matic Off Grid. Here was a family going after a lifestyle that seems so romantic, but at the same time, devilishly unforgiving and brutal; all of it, beautiful in it's blood, sweat, and tears.

I have grown to respect Esther immensely for her heart, her strength, and for her mad story telling skills. I look forward to finally meeting her this October where she will be a speaker at the Homesteaders of America Conference in Virginia.

Esther Emery (photo from

Until then, us women have the opportunity to glean from Esther in a super cool way!

Esther has started a series on her self-named channel, Esther Emery called Skills of the Month. She, along with friends, will address topics ranging from preparedness to organization. There will be homework assignments! (Does that excite anyone else but me?) There is also a community being built on Facebook and you can find the link to that group in the description box of her videos. I have just watched the first lesson and got a page of notes. The second lesson has also been posted and I'm stoked that the subject is on Food Storage.

With that being said, I am going to publish this so I can get back to class. ;)
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