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I'm Just Breathing

Hey y'all!
I know that I have been MIA lately with posting videos and blog posts.

There's a good reason for that.

I just needed to breathe. 

Don't worry! I'm not going anywhere! I just needed a moment to gain some perspective.

Have you ever been working on something so closely, like putting your nose right on the canvas, that you only see little parts of your work? But then you take a step back to see the whole picture and it's a BIG. FAT. MESS?!

Yeah--that's kinda where I'm at.


A Frugal Seed Source

Frugality is something that I strive for, not something that I have mastered.

If you listen to or read anything from the wonderful Dave Ramsey, you know that in a typical marriage, there is a Saver and there is a Spender.

I am the Spender.

Granted, I don't go out and buy things that aren't necessary, nor do I ignore the price tag. Quite the contrary. I am, however, a little more quick to spend money without thinking through all of the tiny details or hunting down the best deal.

My husband won't buy something unless he has done exhaustive research on an item and set aside the appropriate amount of funds. I don't have that kind of patience.

Where he and I have to compromise on most things when it comes to money, one thing that we both agree on 100% --Gardening saves us money on our grocery bill and is worth the effort ESPECIALLY since we have found a FRUGAL, HIGH QUALITY, FAMILY OWNED, HEIRLOOM SEED source!


Does Gardening Really Save You Money?

I have been asked many times, "Does gardening really save you money?" The answer is an emphatic YES!

At my local farmer's market, a bundle of eight beets will cost $4.00, where a pack of two-hundred beet seeds will cost me $0.99. Yes, time and sweat go into it, but that's one of the most satisfying parts of gardening and you can't put a price tag on it for me. In fact, the hours that I spend in the garden save money that I would spend on a therapist or a gym membership....not that I need a therapist...

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