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A New Look

No! Not on me. LOL!

The blog!

Doesn't it look awesome?!

I am still working on the format and there appears to be a couple of kinks (Hello! Slider? Why do you hate me?) But this is all in alignment with the "re-branding" of The Caver's Wife. I plan to work on a new logo, and I am going to incorporate the font from this blog template. I love it so much!

To show you around a bit, there's a new drop down menu with new headings. The three boxes at the top are you where you can watch me on YouTube, shop MIgardener with my affiliate link to save 10% on your purchase, AND I opened an Amazon Store. I plan to add more things to it--my favorite things that I can't live without--so, thanks for your patience! Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. 

I am also cleaning up some of my old posts. I've learned a lot about blogging since I posted those. :)

So, what are your thoughts?

Modern and feminine--that's what I'm going for.

In other news. I filmed a new recipe yesterday. I look terrible because I'm sick, but the recipe is for Venison Meatloaf...MY FAVORITE. I will post the recipe here so you can print it!

Also, I'm starting a new decluttering challenge led by an awesome chick that I've been obsessed with lately. Her name is Allie Cassazza. Her blog is focused on intentional living and minimalism. I need more of this in my life. Did I mention that she is also a homeschooling mama of four?! Check out this Decluttering Challenge! It starts tuh-day!

That's it for today. So much left to do!

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